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Senator involvement in Community.
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Outstanding Legislator of the Year Award
Senator Simonaire has been working to help our veterans and military men and women. He recently received the Outstanding Legislator of the year award from the American Legion for his continued work for veterans.

Veteran Award

Horse Therapy helping Veterans
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Horse Therapy for Veterans

Simonaire's Young Heroes Program
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Simonaire's Successful
Legislative Initiatives

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Helping Children in Court
Senator Simonaire successfully led the effort to create a pilot program in two counties where children are provided highly trained therapy or facility dogs in the courtroom. Children who have been sexually abused, witnessed a vicious crime, or been the recipient of domestic abuse, etc. face tremendous stress and emotional challenges in the courtroom. It has been shown that having a friendly dog by their side allows them to relax and share the truth that they would not otherwise have been able to share.

Courthouse Program.

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Young Heroes Essay Contest Ceremony

(Over 8000 students honored to date)
Young Heroes Contest Photos


2nd Annual Chesapeake Summit

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Chesapeake Summit Photos

Senator Simonaire's
Property Tax Breaks for Seniors Act

Senator Simonaire Prooperty Tax Breaks for Seniors Bill Signing.

Senator Simonaire's
No TV for 10 Days Awards Ceremony

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Senator Simonaire's No TV Challenge award ceremony

Distance Restrictions at Funerals
Simonaire introduced legislation and worked with other Senators and Al Synder, the father of fallen soldier and son, to increase the distance that protestors must stay away from funerals.

Senator Simonaire and Al Synder in Annapolis.

Simonaire's Unsung Heroes Awards
Eric Bunting - Habitat for Humanity
Ken Funk - Operation Welcome Home
Debi Katzenberg - Kami's Jammies

Unsung Heroes Night in Annapolis.

Oriole Great: Scott McGregor
Testifies for our Youth
Sen. Simonaire's Young Heroes Bill

Oriole great Scott McGregor testifies in favor of Young Heroes Day in Annapolis.

Governor Bob Ehrlich
Supporting Sen. Simonaire's Event
"Economic Recovery Starts with Fiscal Responsibility"

Senator Simonaire event with Gov Ehrlich.

District 31
Annual Constituent Nights

Constituent Nights in District 31.

Voicing your concerns, issues or just
introducing yourselves. I am here to listen to you.

Brooklyn Park Library
Pasadena Mountain Road Library
Glen Burnie North County Library

Senator Simonaire's
Get Tough on Sex Offenders Act

Senator Simonaire Get Tough on Sex Offenders Bill Signing.

Olympic Day Proclamation
at Boys and Girls Club

Senator Simonaire presents Olympic Day Proclamation in Freetown Community.
Freetown Community
Senator Simonaire,
Nancy Heffernan Olympic winner, and
Angela White Program Director of Boys/Girls Club

Simonaire Annually Congratulates
Seniors at Graduations

Senator Simonaire attends High School Graduations.
Chesapeake High School
Glen Burnie High School
Northeast High School
North County High School

Senator Simonaire's
Maryland Clean Waterways Act

Senator Simonaire Clean Waterways Bill 

Cheeseburger Paradise
Honor Roll Awards

Senator helps honor honor roll students.
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Senator Simonaire's
Annual Chess Challenge

Sunset Elementary Chess Challenge.

Challenging Elementary and Middle School Students
Playing up to 23 students simultaneously

Senator Simonaire's
Fallen Soldier Privacy Act

Senator Simonaire Fallen Soldier Privacy Bill Signing.

Spring Sports Openings
throughout Northern AACo

Parades and Sports openings.

Brooklyn Park and Pasadena

Senator Simonaire's
Making Classrooms Safer Act

Senator Simonaire Making Classrooms Safer Bill Signing.

Simonaire Requests Young Heroes
Governor Proclamation

Young Heroes Commemorative Proclamation.

Upon request, the Governor issues Executive Proclamation
to declare October 5th 2009 as
Young Heroes Day in Maryland

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Young Heroes Commemorative Day

Dinner Theatre Fundraiser
was well received and soldout - Thanks to all!
Senator Simonaire dinner theater with Christie remembers the Phantom of the Opera.

Lake Shore Elementary
Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting
Senator Simonaire attends Lake Shore Ribbon Cutting.
Senator Simonaire Celebrates with Community

Senator Simonaire's
Senior's Power of Attorney Protection Act

Senator Simonaire Power of Attorney Protection Bill Signing.

Simonaire Speaks to Youth
Government Camp

Senator Simonaire talks with youth at Government camp.

Simonaire and Walt Caldwell
Freetown Open House Celebrations

Senator Simonaire attends Freetown Open House Day.
Senator Simonaire successfully drafted legislation
for the renovation of the Historical Freetown Building

Senator Simonaire's
Victim Rights Protection Act

Senator Simonaire Victim Rights Bill Signing.
Bill Signing Ceremony in Annapolis

Chesapeake Cheerleaders Visit Senate
Senator Simonaire gives Chesapeake Cheerleaders tour of Senate.
State Champion Chesapeake Cheerleaders

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