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What is District 31?

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The State of Maryland is divided into geographic areas called Districts.

There are 47 Districts that encompass all the counties, towns and cities within Maryland.

District 31 is self-contained within the northeast area of Anne Arundel county.  The boundaries of District 31 are all of Pasadena and parts of Brooklyn Park, Glen Burnie, Severna Park and Millersville.

Every four years the people of District 31 elect one Senator and three House of Delegates to represent them in Annapolis.

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Each district within Maryland is divided into smaller geographic voting areas called precincts.

There are 42 precincts within District 31.

Prior to an election, those who have  'registered to vote' will receive from the Board of Elections a card, which will indicate their voting location based upon their precinct number. The voting location is generally held at a public school or church building.


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